Get started with Timeline™

Timeline™ is an "LED hourglass" that takes the hardwork out of timekeeping

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  • Teach your child to understand time
  • Visualise their routines
  • Get out the house on time
  • Manage transitions with timers, start/end times and periods
  • Help your child with long-distance car rides
  • Manage light sensitivity with adjustable brightness and colour

Students and adults

  • Set time goals for work/study and rest
  • Finish tasks on time without running over
  • Visualise time spent AND time remaining
  • Customise your environment with adjustable brightness and colour

Therapists and teachers

  • Create visual schedules to help with transitions
  • Keep track of time to pace patients, students, sessions and lessons
  • Visualise time in a new way to assist with time management challenges
  • Customise your space with adjustable brightness and colour
  • Provide a visual stimulant to assist with focus and regulation

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