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Timeline™ led strip digital hourglass - with whiteboard

Timeline™ led strip digital hourglass - with whiteboard

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  1.  Improve your productivity by visually tracking the progress of time using a rainbow LED strip consisting of 60 LEDs.
  2. No need to track your progress using a clock or calculate how long you've been working based on a clock time.
  3. Useful teaching aid to educate children about time and time management.
  4. Draw on the Timeline whiteboard to indicate a change in tasks or desired goals at specific intervals using the provided whiteboard markers.
  5. Support from the manufacturer via over the air software updates.
  6. Optional: Mount on a vertical surface using the whiteboard mounting holes
  7. Configure and/or track the following settings via the user-friendly mobile application:
    1. Timer start and end time (option to start now).
    2. Timer duration (5 minutes to 4 hours).
    3. Timer progress (minutes remaining).
    4. Timer blocks (time intervals shown by blue LEDs with options from 2 to 30 blocks evenly spread over the timer duration).
    5. LED brightness (26% to 100%).
    6. LED colours (select rainbow mode or a particular colour).
    7. LED ripple, a series of continuously travelling LEDs for captivating effect (on or off).


  1. Timeline height: 145mm
  2. Timeline length: large = 1064mm, medium = 689mm, small = 481mm.
  3. Minimum requirements: Android 5.0 and later, iPhone iOS 12.0 or later.

What's in the box

  1. 1 x Timeline device
  2. 1 x USB C cable
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